Recent release

Hello and thanks for taking the time to read the first official blog post of the site! 

Recently we released candles as preorders!

We were really excited to branch out into something a little new for us! Each candle scent is unique, specially designed for the shop and hand decorated very beautifully. The candles are Purple Moon, which is warm tobacco and vanilla, honestly this such a warm sweet scent and it’s my favorite of the three. The other two are Midnight Moon, which is reminiscent of a forest of ferns for a lush foresty smell and finally we have Blood Moon which is smoky and warm with oak scents. Available for pre order for only a short amount of time! 

We also released several made to order and one of a kind rings! They are designs I have been coveting in my mind for some time. They strike me as more gothic than some of my more brutalist pieces. With several bone rings, and a handful of architectural/reliquary inspired rings. As some of you may know, rings are my favorite type of jewelry to make. I think there’s something really intimate and special about a piece we wear so close to our body. Aside from piercings, I don’t think most people wear any other pieces of jewelry as often as rings.

I am working on some new designs as well, several rings, but also quite a few amulets! They will be made of deer antler and various quartz crystals. I will include an image of them in progress! The crystals were a different shape than I usually make talismans or amulets with, they forced me to redesign the bails for them. Honestly though I really like the almost cone like shape I designed. It stays with my brutalist aesthetic, while also bringing in the metaphysical with the organic crystals. I will include a picture here! It’s just a fraction of the pieces I will be working on. I should be able to get them done by September with all of the projects I’m working on (making show stock, filling orders and custom pieces). Talismans work in progress

Thanks for reading! I look forward to writing more of these, I hope this helps give you a deeper look into my work.