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Julian The 2nd

Exclusive Greenman Seasonal Box Second of Four Limited Edition

Exclusive Greenman Seasonal Box Second of Four Limited Edition

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This is the 2nd of the 4 seasonal exclusive boxes. These are limited to 30 made, each with an exclusive bronze Green Man talisman pendant hand painted with a green patina to create a verdigris finis, random 20 mm round crystal sphere, real feather, sachet with eucalyptus leaves rose petals acorns mini pine cones and flower seed spell paper heart. Each box will be lined on the bottom with real preserved moss. Also each one will be packed by hand with spell work infused for Beltane for fertility in life. Weather this be in love, financial, business. Writing down your intention for what you want to see prosper and grow in your life with a pencil or pen, focus on your intention, place the paper in water and soak it until moistened, the plant the paper under a thin layer of soil. Ask for the energy of mother Gaia to aid in manifesting your intention. Continue keeping the soil evenly moist until the flowers bloom. Once they start to bloom with the welcoming of springtime so will your intention begin to come to life. 


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