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Julian The 2nd

Oakheart Oracle Bronze Maw Sit Sit Brutalist Ring

Oakheart Oracle Bronze Maw Sit Sit Brutalist Ring

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This ring was inspired by brutalist architecture. Oxidized and then sanded to reveal the golden bronze color, while leaving the oxidation in some areas to create contrast. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Cast in solid bronze. Set with a maw sit sit

Size: 12.5

It is said that Maw-sit-sit holds the propensity to offer a pacifying energies to the emotional and intellectual torso in the distressing situations. The vigor of the stone not only balances the psychic nerves but too soothes the emotional heart. Te healing properties of the stone recharge the physical energy of the spirit and soul to keep them shielded against illness. It too draws out the feeling of fear and shock as well as attract love. The green and black-green spots of the stone help to root out the negative emotions along with the feeling of guilt. The reverberating vibes of this stone too release the feeling of defeatism and infuse courage to fight again to gain victory. It is predisposed to open the chances of traveling and spending a great weekend. It too help in attracting riches and keep the spirit safe from any physical illness on holidays. The resonating energies of the green tints of the stone fosters the life force energies as well as help to attract love, also evokes passion.

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