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Julian The 2nd

Coffin Ring in Sterling Silver and Amber

Coffin Ring in Sterling Silver and Amber

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Enter a realm of gothic mystique with our enchanting Coffin Ring, inspired by the Draugr, ancient warriors bound by unfinished business. Crafted meticulously in solid sterling silver, this ring stretches approximately 1.5" in length, casting a shadowy, enigmatic presence.

At its core lies a haunting hooded figure, intricately carved from mammoth ivory, its visage crowned by the lustrous allure of amber. The amber's golden depths beckon like forbidden secrets, contrasted by the cool, dark silver, invoking a sense of gothic allure and dark elegance.

This one-of-a-kind ring, sized at 8, is a testament to timeless narratives and unfulfilled destinies. It's a bold statement piece that beckons the gothic soul, inviting you to embrace the mystique of ancient legends and unparalleled craftsmanship. Adorn your hand with the Coffin Ring and let its dark allure become an extension of your gothic spirit.

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