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Julian The 2nd

Ouroboros Bracelet In Bronze

Ouroboros Bracelet In Bronze

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In the tapestry of history, serpents and snakes have been revered as potent symbols, embodying the essence of fertility and the creative life force. As these enigmatic creatures shed their skin through a natural process known as sloughing, they stand as powerful symbols of rebirth, profound transformation, immortality, and the profound art of healing. Among these awe-inspiring serpentine emblems, the ouroboros, an ancient icon, represents the concept of eternity and the perpetual cycle of life's renewal.

Each of our snake bracelets is created as unique expressions of these timeless symbols. Every piece is custom-made, cast in either solid bronze or sterling silver, and then lovingly hand-finished with a rich, dark oxidized patina. Each bracelet is a tangible embodiment of the enduring significance and beauty of serpents, an exquisite testament to the eternal cycles of life and the artistry of healing.

Ready to ship in a size 6”-6.5” cuff 

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