Frequently asked questions
Custom and personalized orders

Yes I welcome customs!

I do not personalize pieces with stamps or text.

I do not alter one of a kind pieces. If you want a custom then we can make that happen!

All pieces that are made to size such as rings or pendants with a chosen chain length are considered customs and cannot be returned or exchanged.

Care instructions


The patinas I use are from a chemically induced process. The chemical I typically use darkens the metal quickly and is damaged when in contact with sunlight for extended periods of time (say for 8 hours in the same spot).

I would suggest not leaving a piece out on a windowsill or other places where they can be in that direct constant lighting.

This does not mean you can't wear your pieces out or in the sun at the beach or something like that of course.


Patinas tend to wear away over time, especially on rings. This is expected! I texture my surfaces so that they trap the patina for longer, the idea behind this is that it makes the object completely unique to the wearer and it makes it into an artifact.

Sizing details

I try to make my rings true to size, with a variation tolerance of 1/4 in either direction at most. This is an industry standard.

Some of my rings are wider banded and while I make them to standard size they sometimes can run tight. Alternatively, if it is a top heavy ring, I would suggest sizing down a little bit rather than keeping it at the typical size. If you need it a little bit bigger or smaller, don't hesitate to reach out to me about it. I can make the 1/4 tolerance one way or the other for you during the making process.

Wholesale availability

I do wholesale my work, feel free to contact with inquiries.

I will not go lower than 50% and I typically do not consign work, unless a minimum wholesale purchase of $500 for every $500 consigned is made.

I do require credit for my work, though and that business cards or other methods of representation are present when and where the work is sold.

Gift wrapping and packaging

I have my own branded packaging as well as packing methods. I do not gift wrap further.

Each piece is placed in a black box with black tissue paper. They are wrapped with tissue paper again and tied with black cord and a quartz crystal. Afterwards they are placed in the packing box with more tissue paper for safety.


I ship as quickly as possible to whatever address provided, typically it takes about 2-3 weeks for me to complete an order at most. I often will post story updates on instagram as I go @Julianthe2nd so feel free to follow along.

I ship USPS first class and insure orders above $500. Know that I pack things carefully and I am not responsible for any issues during shipping. You can follow along with tracking VIA my shop tracking.

If you are an international buyer please do not ask if I will mark as lesser value than it is worth, I print all of my labels using Shopify and therefore have no way around declaring its value. More importantly it is a finable offense of about $250 and I do not wish to deal with any of that.



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