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Julian The 2nd

Cathedral And Green Onyx/Black Onyx Scrying Necklace Bronze

Cathedral And Green Onyx/Black Onyx Scrying Necklace Bronze

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Embark on a journey to a mystical realm with our enchanting Cathedral And Black Onyx Scrying Necklace in Bronze. Picture a floating palace suspended in the sky, guarded by dragon gargoyles and enigmatic skeletons. At its heart lies a captivating oval Black Onyx, a dark mirror-like gem that evokes the art of scrying. Delicate chains gracefully cascade in the front, crowned by a miniature athame. Crafted in solid bronze, this castle pendant measures approximately 2.5 inches, and each piece is meticulously hand-textured and patinated for an aged, otherworldly charm. Comes with an 18-inch bronze chain and toggle clasp, perfect for those who seek to adorn themselves with the allure of mystery and fantasy.

Please expect 2-3 Weeks for construction of your piece.

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