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Aegisjalmur Sigil pendant

Aegisjalmur Sigil pendant

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The name of the symbol is Aegishjalmur which means the Helm of Awe. The word “Aegishjalmur” consists of two root words – “Aegis” and “hjalmr” meaning “shield” and “helm” respectively. Aegishjalmur is also known as the Helm of Awe and Terror. The overall meaning of this word might be the protection in the front. In fact, many Viking warriors once applied this symbol in their forehead and between their eyebrows for protection and victory. 

This piece is created with our manufacturing partner, where we normally cast, finish and fabricate everything ourselves. Working with Shapeways allows us to create certain pieces at a lower price point while still bringing unique designs to you! Please allow for up to two weeks for production of your piece. We have priority production with Shapeways so they should ship out quickly and directly to you!

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