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Julian The 2nd

Blessing Spell

Blessing Spell

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This is for a blessing or spell by Nikki. She has blessed my jewelry pieces on many occasions and has worked blessings and spells for protection, money, abundance, and emotional healing.

Nikki has been practicing witchcraft for years and has incredibly strong intuition, empathic ability and energy.

Please send a email after your purchase and tell us what you would like a blessing or spell for and when. Please feel free to give as much detail as you feel comfortable with. It is necessary to know what components to use as well as how to direct the spell.

If it is a personal blessing please include an image of yourself as reference. Basically visualizing the person who will receive the blessing allows Nikki to cast a stronger spell.

If you would like this blessing as an add on to a piece of jewelry, she will perform it before shipping your piece. You can describe what you would like the blessing (for example: protection, luck, abundance).

*Examples of things that cannot be done: spells that go against someone else’s free will, hexes or curses. *

Feel free to reach out and ask any questions about her practice or how we can make this process work for you!

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