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Julian The 2nd

Coffin Ring in Sterling Silver and Onyx And Horn

Coffin Ring in Sterling Silver and Onyx And Horn

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Elevate your style with our Coffin Ring in Sterling Silver featuring Onyx and Horn, a unique fusion of elegance and natural beauty. This exceptional ring marries the allure of a coffin design with the deep, enigmatic charm of onyx and the earthy elegance of horn. Handcrafted in sterling silver, it's a testament to artisanal excellence and symbolism. Explore the world of distinctive jewelry and adorn yourself with the captivating aura of this sterling silver and gemstone ring. Set with a a carved Cernunnos figure, the border around the ring is set with blue onyx and embellished with 23k gold leaf. Behind the figure is a sheet of leather sea snake skin that has also been gold leafed.

This one of a kind ring is a size 9

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