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Julian The 2nd

Lilith The First Witch Ring Sterling Silver

Lilith The First Witch Ring Sterling Silver

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Lilith has been so misunderstood throughout time. She was a strong woman who was cast away for having a strong will and mind. She stands for every person who has been misjudged by society due to the way they think, dress, love or believe that the path is not the straight and narrow road that society says you are meant to follow, but instead to follow your beliefs and your heart to be free.

Bear this talisman with her in mind and wear her protections with you.

Each piece is sized individually, oxidized and sanded lightly to 400 grit to show the rich carved bark like texture in each ring.

Made to order to your size, limited quantity to be produced.

*Please note: all pieces take 2-3 weeks to complete

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