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Julian The 2nd

Neith’s Tomb LuAG Spider Serpent Necklace in Sterling Silver

Neith’s Tomb LuAG Spider Serpent Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Cast in sterling silver and oxidized dark. The central stone is a 11 ct huge hand cut LuAG. LuAG is a rare stone and is only created in one lab that has been used for medical science. A rare earth garnet, it incorporates lutetium, the rarest of the rare earth elements, and for a while it was also the most expensive element you could buy on the open market

An unusual and uncommon lab-created gem material, this electric coloured yellow-green gemstone is a Cerium-doped Lutetium Aluminium Garnet.

Originally created using the HDSM method for its light-emitting properties and used in the optical industry as a scintillator, this material has plenty to commend its use as a gem material.

This stone fluoresces under UV light or when around radiation and practically glows in natural light. 

The necklace is sanded smooth to a 400 grit finish, oxidized and then some surface is removed for an antique look.


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