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Julian The 2nd

Paladin’s Curse Amethyst Ring Sterling silver

Paladin’s Curse Amethyst Ring Sterling silver

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This is a ring that carries the mysterious aura of a bygone era—a relic reminiscent of a cursed signet once worn by a noble Knight who treaded the dark path of a Blackguard. At its heart lies a specially cut hexagon-shaped deep purple amethyst, a gem that exudes an otherworldly allure.

The sterling silver band bears the marks of untamed creativity. Each curve and contour is meticulously hand-carved and textured with a raw multidirectional pattern, deliberately etched with intent and protective energy to safeguard its wearer.

Each band is oxidized, adding depth and character, and then painstakingly hand-sanded it to a smooth 400-grit finish. The result is a stunning interplay of light and shadow, showcasing the intricate pattern while letting the metal's innate brilliance shine through.

Please note that while crafting this piece, allow 2-3 weeks for creation.

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