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Julian The 2nd

Sorcerer’s Amber Ring Sterling silver

Sorcerer’s Amber Ring Sterling silver

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The Sorcerer's Amber Ring is a striking creation that beckons to ancient realms. This ring is a manifestation of dark enchantment, oxidized to an alluring depth and adorned with intricate hand-textured plates.

Nestled within this sorcerous design is a captivating amber cabochon, its vivid hues radiating with an otherworldly brilliance. Yet, fear not, for it is safeguarded by the formidable armored setting, ensuring both beauty and protection.

Crafted from solid sterling silver, this ring boasts a substantial weight, serving as a tactile reminder of its enduring craftsmanship.

Please bear in mind that each of these remarkable pieces is meticulously handcrafted, a process that requires 2-3 weeks to complete. 

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