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Venus Symbol Sigil pendant

Venus Symbol Sigil pendant

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The planetary glyph of Venus is the same symbol that is used for the female gender. It represents the feminine polarity of duality — of Consciousness bifurcated — and given the classical and historical associations with Venus as femininity, this is easily relatable. Furthermore, the glyph is a balanced symbol symmetrically; we tend to perceive archetypes of femininity as more receptive and harmonious than their male counterparts and this is reflected in the symmetry of the symbol. 

This piece is created with our manufacturing partner, where we normally cast, finish and fabricate everything ourselves. Working with Shapeways allows us to create certain pieces at a lower price point while still bringing unique designs to you! Please allow for up to two weeks for production of your piece. We have priority production with Shapeways so they should ship out quickly and directly to you!

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