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Julian The 2nd

Warlock’s Amethyst Ring Sterling Silver

Warlock’s Amethyst Ring Sterling Silver

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Crafted with the vision of capturing the essence of rings worn by ancient mages, this  piece channels the very spirit of a bygone age. At its core, a deep, bewitching amethyst beckons with its rich and enigmatic purple hue. The Warlock's Amethyst Ring, a symbol of Gothic elegance and a testament to the arcane. Dare to make it yours, and let its dark magic weave its spell upon you.

The sterling silver band, a canvas for craftsmanship that harks back to the primordial, is meticulously hand-carved and textured with a raw, multidirectional pattern, reminiscent of cryptic sigils etched in the shadows of history. Each mark etched onto its surface is not just an aesthetic design but a potent intention—an enchanting energy woven into its very being, poised to protect its wearer from the looming darkness. Subsequently, it takes on an eerie transformation through oxidation, cloaking itself in an aura of Gothic mystery, before being hand-sanded to a gleaming 400-grit finish—a mesmerizing blend of rugged texture and ethereal shine.

The creation of each of these captivating pieces demands a dedicated span of 2-3 weeks. 

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